Monday, December 21, 2009


Do You Know That?

God wil giv u foresight to c al dat he has packaged for u in d comin year in order 4u to reach ur canaan. (Amen) Wat u cannot tolerate is as a result of wat u do not understan. Those who understand success tolerate hardship.if u dont c any reason to succeed, u may not c d need to persist. When you connot solve a problem, ask God for the wisdom to manage it. There is always a way of escape. U cannot solve problem u do not understan; neither can u master a woman u do not love. People who are tied to their past can never turn their scars to stars. Learn 4rm ur part and move on. Dont try to belive wat u dont understand but rather seek to understan everythin u believe. Pple perish 4lack of understanding. Dont look for pple who wil approv u but look 4 thos dat wil criticize u, for this brings out d best in u. Wat u have achieved so far is less than half of wat u can really accomplish. Until u launch out, u wil not kno how much u can do. Those who are not ready
to lose are obviously not ready to win. God gives a second chance. U wil neva c a good she of problem until u come out of it, neva stop until u overcomes. There is more to it than d pains u feel. It only a man who hates growth dat avoid problems and challenges.IT IS MORE RISKY NOT TO TAKE RISK AT ALL,SO TAKE RISKY 4 GOD WIL SURELY HELP. Bread and water is not wat u need to survive, wat u need is d secret to get wealth. GOD IS THE SECRET. Enjoy ur xmas with more years of fulfilment of Gods promises.

Do you Further Realize That?

There are people who can walk away from you.

And hear me when I tell you this! When people can walk away from you: let them walk. I don't want you to try to talk another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you, staying attached to you. I mean hang up the phone.

When people can walk away from you let them walk. Your destiny is never tied to anybody that left.

The bible said that, they came out from us that it might be made manifest that they were not for us. For had they been of us, no doubt they would have continued with us. [1 John 2:19]

People leave you because they are not joined to you. And if they are not joined to you, you can't make them stay.

Let them go.

And it doesn't mean that they are a bad person it just means that their part in the story is over. And you've got to know when people's part in your story is over so that you don't keep trying to raise the dead. You've got to know when it's dead.

You've got to know when it's over. Let me tell you something. I've got the gift of good-bye. It's the tenth spiritual gift, I believe in good-bye.. It's not that I'm hateful, it's that I'm faithful, and I know whatever God means for me to have He'll give it to me. And if it takes too much sweat I don't need it. Stop begging people to stay.

Let them go!!

If you are holding on to something that doesn't belong to you and was never intended for your life, then you need to......


If you are holding on to past hurts and pains ......


If someone can't treat you right, love you back, and see your worth.....


If someone has angered you.


If you are holding on to some thoughts of evil and revenge.....


If you are involved in a wrong relationship or addiction... .


If you are holding on to a job that no longer meets your needs or talents


If you! u have a bad attitude.... ...


If you keep judging others to make yourself feel better......


If you're stuck in the past and God is trying to take you to a new level in Him........


If you are struggling with the healing of a broken relationship. ...


If you keep trying to help someone who won't even try to help themselves.. ..


If you're feeling depressed and stressed ...........


If there is a particular situation that you are so used to handling yourself and God is saying 'take your hands off of it,' then you need to......


'The Battle is the Lord's!'

During the next 60 seconds, Stop whatever you are doing, and take this opportunity.

(Literally it is only ONE minute!)

All you have to do is the following:

You simply say 'The Lords Prayer' for the person that sent you this message:

The Lords Prayer

Our Father, who are in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory, forever.


Next, send this message to everyone you know. In a while, more people will have prayed for you and you would have obtained a lot of people praying for others!

Next, stop and think and appreciate God's power in your life, for doing what you know is pleasing to Him.

If you are not ashamed to do this, follow the instructions!

Jesus said, If you are ashamed of me, I will be ashamed of you before My Father'

If you are not ashamed, send this message... only if you believe.

'Yes, I love my God. He is my fountain of Life and My Savior.

He Keeps me going day and night. Without Him, I am no one. But with Him, I can do everything, Christ is my strength.' This is a simple test.

If you love God and you are not ashamed of all the great things that He has done for you, send this to everyone you know, and the person that sent it to you!

God loves you and watches over you everyday

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