Monday, February 21, 2011

Get The Break You Need... Quickly...

That one break, that one opportunity, if you could only
get it would turn things around, get you back on track
and lead to success and better days.
Today I'm going to show you how to get that break
so that you begin to enjoy life again.
That break, that would help you turn things around
is really the right opportunity.
That opportunity could be a relationship, a promotion, a job offer,
a way to make more money, a business, an investment, anything
that you want... so today I'll show you how to attract and
discover that opportunity or that break quickly and easily.
Read on and enjoy.
There's a simple way to attract any opportunity you want.
You only have to follow the process and the results will follow.
Here's a real life example and it comes from
someone who has been working with my material.
Last week I got an email from David Haskin who
wanted to start up a health care business
but didn't have the funding.
His goal was to get the money together.
David knew some well connected people but
wasn't getting anywhere with them.
I suggested he keep working with the material
and be open to new possibilities.
Then one day something happened that many
would say was just pure coincidence.
But we both knew it wasn't and that there
was more going on.
A friend of David's told him about an upcoming
event and invited David and his wife as his guests.
That night David met an old friend who had
been very successful in business and was looking
for new ventures.
To cut a long story short; the two partnered and David
opened his first store 10 months ago and is putting together his own
private label of health care products.
I don't think so.
David had been training his mind and subconscious mind
on a daily basis; directing them to guide him to the
right opportunity.
He followed up with action, and continued doing
everything he could to get to meet the right people
and discover the right opportunity to generate
the money he needed for his new business.
Finally his subconscious responded and David
listened to his instincts and followed up on
an opportunity by simply going to an event with his friend.
When he met an old friend David didn't turn away,
he didn't ignore him - he treated him like a
friend and explained what he was doing and what
he wanted to do.
These simple acts helped him secure funding for his
business and launch what promises to be a lucrative career.
But this all happened only after he had laid the foundation
by instructing his subconscious mind to guide him to
the right people and opportunities - then he trusted
that it would happen.
You too can create the situations that will
catapult you to success.
When you feed your mind and subconscious mind the
positive messages to get what you want,
your subconscious goes out and creates the
situations, and attracts the people to help you
accomplish your goals.
But you have to follow up.
You have to see every situation that comes up as an opportunity.
You will be guided along the way, and if you focus on making
the right decisions - you will.
You also have to follow up by following your
instincts and taking action.
Then you create the right situations and
opportunities to help you accomplish your goals.
All you have to do is direct your subconscious mind
to help you achieve what you want by following
the simple steps outlined. Get started today - visit:
How YOU Can Create The Right Opportunities
First let me clearly state that there is no such
thing as coincidence. Instead you orchestrate
everything that happens to you - even what you
think is a coincidence is created by you on some level.
You create these so called coincidences or
opportunities by working with the power of
your mind and subconscious mind which works
in harmony with the universe.
You can create good or bad things in your life
it's really your choice.
The negative things that occur, happen because you don't
properly instruct your subconscious mind to create
the kind of so called coincidences to help you.
Or you refused to obey the warning signs that
come up everyday.
These signs help you by trying to push you in a certain direction.
When you fail to follow these signs, things don't
work out and you end up creating exactly what you don't want.
Nothing happens by chance.
You orchestrate every coincidence that happens in your life.
When you accept this you empower yourself and you're able to
take back control and direct your subconscious mind
to attract what you want, when you want.
Here's how you orchestrate your own apparent coincidences,
situations and opportunities - including those that work
for you or against you.
When you're focused on something, when you think
about it regularly, when it's a priority in your
life then you'll begin to notice little
coincidences pop up.
When you're calm, relaxed and trust that you'll
find or get what you're looking for then the
coincidences become more apparent.
When your mind is quiet and not filled with
negative thoughts and doubts then you'll see
these coincidences happen sooner.
So if you constantly worry, live in fear, or your angry,
frustrated or just plain negative then you'll
create coincidences that are negative or lead to more misery.
You'll attract the people who support what you constantly
think about and believe.
You'll also create events that make you believe
that you need to worry or be angry about something.
To create your own positive coincidences, positive opportunities
or positive events focus on what you want.
Think about what you want to happen.
Then begin telling yourself that you're doing the right things
and making the right choices to succeed or get what you want.
Then trust and let go.
This may not seem easy but trusting and letting go is
actually the most important part.
So the sooner you get comfortable with the process
the sooner you'll get results.
Be patient and be alert.
Watch for little things that come up remember there
is no such thing as coincidence.
When you notice what looks like a coincidence
make a note of it and remember the process is
already at work and soon the right coincidence
will arrive to help you achieve your goal.
Remember you will be guided to what is best for you
all you have to do is follow the signs along the road.
Read them, pay attention to what appear to be coincidences.
You can create the life you want.
You can attract the people that will help you.
You can achieve your goals and be happy.
Start creating your positive coincidences today don't
waste another minute. Visit:
"Karim, I just wanted to let you know how much
I enjoy your Creating Power program.
I listen to your cds and do the exercises everyday.
In recent weeks I have seen myself grow more confident
and my attitude and outlook on life has improved dramatically.
When I started your program I was looking for a new job.
I secured a great position with a really good company last month.
I have also been going out more and am making progress
in meeting the right person, that's all I'll say about
that area but I will keep you posted. I know
I'll make the right choices thanks to your Creating Power course.
I see things I never used to see before.
I believe in myself and no longer doubt my every step.
I know there are better days ahead. Thank you so much Karim."
-Anna Timmins, Texas USA
You too can begin improving your life.
Yes you can create the coincidences to achieve success,
happiness and much more.
Take control of your thoughts and you change your life.
Start today - don't waste another moment creating the
life you don't want. Remember - this is it.
This is the only life you have. Use your incredible
powers to make the most of it. Visit:
Karim Hajee
Creating Power
PS: Remember if you don't do anything, if you don't
change the way your mind works and direct your subconscious mind
to create the life you want everything stays the same
nothing changes. This is your life! Make the most of it.
Begin working with the power of your mind and subconscious mind
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