Saturday, October 3, 2009


The dawn of the new age. The computer Era - glows before up with the promise of new and improved ways of thinking, living and working. The amount of information in the world is said to be doubling every six to seven years. The only way to keep up with there horsebsed amounts of data and information is to understand how computers works and the ability to control them for a particular purpose. A computer can be defined as an electronic processing device, capable of accepting data as input [softcopy], perform series of logical operation through Central Processing Unit [C.P.U]. Process data as information, store data for futre retrival, send information out through the output unit [printer] as a hardcopy. It is binding fact that computer are very productive, efficient and make our personal and professional lives more rewarding. There 'magical' machines can do just about anything imaginable, moreover they really excel in certain areas. Below is the list of some of the principal applications of the computer systems. BUSINESSES: Businessmen make bar graphs and she charts from tendinus figures to convey information with far more impact than numbers alone can convey. Furthermore, computers help businesses to predict their future sales, profits, cost etc. Making companies more accurate in theire accounts. Computers may also play a vital sold in aiding thousands of organizations to olle judgemental and hard provoking decision amberming financial problems and poppeative trends. BUILDINGS: Architects use computer animated graphics to experiment with possible exteriors and to gived clients a visual walk through of their proposed buildings. The computers provide architects a numerous amount of facilities to create different buildings with greater accuracy, better dashinging and editing tools, and work done at the fastest speed possible. Finally, a new kind of artist has emerged, one who user computers to express his or her creativity. EDUCATION: Most good schools in the world have computers available for use in the classroom. It is been provened that learning with computers has been more successful and this is why numerous forms of new teaching methods have been introduced. This enhancads the knowledge of the student at a much faster race than the old traditional methods. Likewise, colleges and various univeritifs have extended the use of computers as many educators prefer the 'learning by doing' method - an approbhi uniquely suited to the computer. RETAILING: Products from meats to magazines are packed with zebra striped bar codes that can be read by the computer scanners at supermarket checkout stands to determine prices and help minge inventory. ENERGY: Energy companies use computers to locate oil, coal, natural has and uranium. With the use of there technological machines, there companies an figure out the site of a natural resources, its concentration and other related figure. Electric companies use computers to monitor trasu power each month in homes and offices. LAW ENFORCEMENT: Recent innovation in computerized law enforcement include national fingerprint files, a national file on the mode of operation of serial killers. And computer modeling of DNA, which can be used to match traces from an alleged criminal's body, such as alone at a crime scene. In addition, computers also antago a complete databases of all the names, pictures and information of such people who choose to break the law. TRANSPORTATION: Computers are used in cars to oniouns fluid levels, temperatures and electrical systems. Computers are also used to help run rapid transit systems, load containerships and track railroads cars across the country. An important part is the aris control traffic systems, where computers are used to control the flow of traffic between airplanes which offer a lot of precision and accuracy to be dealt with. MONEY: Computers speed up record keeping and allow banks to offer same day services and even do it yourself banking over the phone and internete. AGRICULTRE: Farmers use small computers to help with billing, arms information, and cost per acre, feed combinations, and market price checks. Battle ranchers can also use computers for information about livestock breeding and performance. GOVERNMENT: Among other tasks, the federal government uses computers to forecast the weather, to manage parks and historical river, to process immigrants, to produce social security checks and to collect taxes. HEALTH AND MEDICINE: Computers are helping immensely to omitns the extremely ill in the intensive care unit and provid cross sectional views of the body. This eliminates the need for hired nurses to watch the patient twenty four hours a day, which is greatly tiring and error prone. Doctors use computers to assist them in diagnosing certain diseases of the post. This type of computer is called the Expert System, which is basically a collection of accumulated expertise in a specific area of field.

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